Developing custom software since 2002

Making things easier for your business!

Over the years Busnet has been providing several custom software solutions for companies keen on improving communication processes, facilitate the workflow and allow sales people to efficiently work remotely from home.

The word application now includes the concept of software, because it makes software accessible via different devices.

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Here is our workflow

Metro-da-sarto-300x148Is your idea feasible? Starting from the initial idea, we make goals and the avalaible technology clear to the customer.
Functional diagram: we arrange the flowchart of custom software. It is the most delicate stage that will determine all future work.
Prototype (BETA version): construction of the first software prototype displaying the basic functions.
Graphic Design: we think about our application Design, modern and user friendly.
Client’s evaluation: the client assesses the software and notes down any necessary addition.
First release: we carefully monitor the website right after its publication and take immediate action if needed.
Final release: the custom software is now fully operational and ready to use.
Helpdesk: we have a dedicated phoneline for post production technical assistance and take immediate action in case of failure/other needs.

We employ the most advanced technologies and modules.

Contact us and tell us about your needs! Together, we will deliver a great bespoke software for you!