Once online, your website gets automatically indexed by search engines.  The real deal is positioning it where you want it to be and you usually want it to be on Google’s first page, on top of your competitors.  Right, but what if you want to sell internationally, what are the options and how can you improve rankings on the local search engine? We are now talking International SEO.



SEO Optmised Content, URLs, Metatags, Online PR, SMO; all these measures can be taken to improve rankings on local search engines and this is valid for any country. However, you should first decide how serious you are on making business abroad, your budget and expectations. We can take care of your foreign website domains or multilingual versions, but first of all we need to design a specific strategy based on your business.

Today, SEO Optimisation is no longer represented by a loner who only works on codes and directories but is the result of a collaborative, both creative and technical teamwork, where Content is King. On this basis and even more if you are planning to do business abroad, CONTENT should be the main resource to drive traffic to your website. Content and pages need to be SEO optimised, but most importantly need to be interesting and ideally placed on high traffic websites. And who knows best about topic trends, local Online PR and Press than local experts living in the country?

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