Is your website SEO and SMO- friendly already but it is still not showing and/or not converting the way you are expecting? There might be several reasons for this: you are not promoting hard enough, your product or service is not reaching your target because you are not using the appropriate promotional channels and so on… Do not worry, we will sit down with you, analyse your situation and think about further and different ways for promoting what you sell! A good way to push your products and services on Google is pay per click campaigns.



Google Adwords can be a great promotional tool if used wisely and efficiently. The right choice of keywords, adgroups and great Ad copies… If you are trying to promote in Italy,  for instance, you need to speak like the locals do. How many times have you been reading odd-sounding Ads on the web? Research shows that inappropriate words, sentences and the wrong visual communication are a great way to lose business. Here is how Busnet can help: we will choose the right keywords for your target and set-up a great PPC Campaign with the right Ads, bids and settings, making PPC really work for your business.

Careful monitoring, analytics and reporting is our passion and will always keep you updated on what is going on.