In our Digital Times, Online Advertising is essential but we should not forget we are still human and human contact still plays a fundamental role and this is especially true in Southern European cultures.

A well-organized and pleasantly memorable Event will let people know about your brand and values and start building up trust between you and your potential customers. In today’s global world, competition puts businesses under lots of pressure for standing out and being memorable; but building trust is still the answer for engaging your potential customer/client in repeated purchases from you.

We have been creating, planning, promoting and collecting feedback on our events for years and have gained history and experience for effective results, year after year.

In our Digial Era, events expand your brand online and create viral involvement that make people talk about you. Your business activities can become an important opportunity for events creation on the basis of a specific Calendar.

Here are some important steps that make an Event become Digital:

  • Start engaging people on Facebook and your usual social media 3 weeks in advance
  • Post on Social Media Live during the event ( social live)
  • After the event, thank participants through emotional videos, etc …

evento digitale

Check out here one of our events: https://www.busnet.it/iot-artigianodigitale/